What is Or-Nano ?

Or-nano means "nano-gold". This is an active network of French scientists working on gold nanoparticles. It is supported by the CNRS as Research Group, since January 2017 (GdR #2002). It depends on the Institute of Physics and includes about 600 researchers from 74 different teams in France. It is headed by an executive committe of seven scientists. The objective of Or-nano network is to push the knowledge of the fundamental properties of gold nanoparticles and their applications in multidisciplinary fields as biology, therapies, catalysis, optics etc. Indeed, unexpected properties have been discovered on gold particles of nanometric size (of diameter less than 10 nanometers).

Our scientific library

This content is really a gold mine where you can dig into the knowledge accumulated by Or-Nano since its creation in 2006. It gathers all the scientific documents presented at the Or-nano meetings. There are more than 100 presentations...


Our actions

Or-Nano helps its network to exchange and discuss scientific results. Over the years Or-Nano has organized more than 10 conferences, 5 workshops, 2 summer schools and many reach-out activities.


Supporting students

Or-nano helps students in their doctoral studies: support for participating at national and international conferences, short stay in laboratories of teh Or-nano network.