04/11/2021 Conférences

Call for abstracts - Gold 2022 - Quebec City, Canada

The call for abstracts to participate in the GOLD 2022 Conference is now open. The conference will take place in Quebec City, Canada, on July 17-20, 2022. Virtual participation will also be possible.

The scientific committee welcomes contributions in a broad spectrum of gold topics and issues including:


  1. Synthesis of nanoparticles and nanostructures
  2. Gold-containing molecular and supramolecular complexes
  3. High-purity gold synthesis and recycling
  4. Catalysis
  5. Electrochemistry
  6. Plasmonics (fundamentals, engineering and systems)
  7. Electronics, optics and photonics
  8. Biomedical applications of gold: in vivo applications and technologies, injectable nanoparticles and pharmacology
  9. Biomedical applications of gold: sensors and devices
  10. Energy
  11. Environment
  12. Computational approaches, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)

More information: www.gold2022.org