About Or-Nano

What is Or-nano ?

Or-Nano can be simply translated into "nano-Gold". This is a network of researchers focused on gold nanoparticles, supported by the CNRS as Research Group, since January 2017 (GdR #2002). It is affiliated at the Institute of Physics and includes about 600 researchers from 74 different teams in France. It is managed by an executive committee of seven scientists.

Or-Nano had already been recognized as a Research Group by the CNRS from 2006 to 2013 (GdR n°2986) and depended on the Institute of Chemistry (direction Catherine LOUIS).

In 2016 the new version of the GdR was developed based on the previous Or-Nano and GdR PHOTOMED (GdR n°3049). This is Or-Nano 2.0. It is centered on nanoscale gold: gold nanoparticles, nanoscale gold films, and alloy nanoparticles containing gold.

In its new form, the GdR Or-Nano develops three new directions:

    1. opening to therapies based on gold nanoparticles,
    2. advanced plasmonics related to biology, catalysis and nanoelectronics
    3. and finally, new theoretical approaches.

The GdR also includes areas on which research has been progressing for a longer time and which is essential for other themes: synthesis, reactivity and functionalization of nanoparticles.

Or-Nano continues to develop communication actions with the general public and with science enthusiasts. It also includes a cross-cutting section entitled "Responsible Science and Scientific Ethics".