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Scientific Exchange

Using various formats of scientific meetings, Or-Nano helps its network to exchange and discuss scientific results.

Suggestions for organizing one of these scientific events are welcome.

Contact a member of the executive committee.



Annual plenary conferences

Members of the GdR are invited to present their research results related to gold nanoparticles, while fostering a multidisciplinary approach. PhD and graduate students are largely associated to these meetings. Annual conferences spans over two days and are held in various French cities. Over the years, Or-nano has created a real interdisciplinary community, capable of exchanging and forging solid scientific collaborations.

Many of the communications presented in recent years are available in the "Scientific Resources" section.

The Or-nano discussions

Or-nano discussions are exchanges on cutting-edge topics. They allow specialists to explore a topic in greater depth. This is a way of encouraging real scientific progress. The Or-nano discussions last one day.

Summer schools

Summer schooles (Ecoles thématiques in French) are largely sponsored by CNRS and are generally held over one week. This is an opportunity to disseminate the main themes of the GdR. Or-nano organized two schools:

In 2008, on the theme "Gold nanoparticles and plasmon resonance: from physical phenomena to biological applications", on the Porquerolles island.

In 2016, on "Nanometric gold: from electron to cell", at Cap d'Agde.



Reach-out activities linked to gold nanoparticles

Confernences, workshops, aimed at the general public are regularly proposed by GdR researchers. The GdR can help identify speakers and lecturers in various French cities.

Do not hesitate to browse through the Or-Nano directory. 

non-specialized publications

GdR researchers have published various articles that explain clearly and simply most of the research related to gold nanoparticles.