14/06/2018 Offres d'emploi

Offre de post-doc - ITODYS

Post-doc à Paris Diderot portant sur la croissance anisotrope de nanocristaux plasmoniques [offre pourvue]

Subject: Symmetry Reduction in the Growth of Plasmonic Nanocrystals

Laboratoire Interface Traitement Organisation et DYnamique des Systèmes
15 rue Jean‐Antoine de Baïf 75205 Paris cedex 13

A 12‐month postdoctoral position (Fall 2018) is open within the framework of the Labex SEAM‐Emerging program. This project is part of a research collaboration between ITODYS laboratory (Dr. L. Boubekeur‐Lecaque and Dr. M. Seydou), and the MPQ Laboratory (Dr. J. Nelayah).

Recent years have witnessed tremendous efforts devoted to improve the chemical synthesis of metallic nanocrystals (NPs) due to their unique properties and potential applications. As a result, an exquisite control over the size and the shape of NPs has been achieved, allowing to fine‐tune the position of their surface plasmon resonance from visible to near‐IR regions. However, most of the synthetic processes still rely on empirical basis and there are only a few reports in the literature about the impact of capping agents (surfactant, ions, macromolecules) surrounding nanocrystals on the growth kinetics of crystalline facets.
Our group developed a novel and versatile synthetic strategy to tailor the shape of bimetallic plasmonic nanoparticles (NPs). These NPs proved to spontaneously self‐assemble into 3D superlattices on solid substrates. The resulting devices are currently assessed as very promising chemical sensors for surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). The purpose of the project aims at unravelling the anisotropic growth mechanism involved in our new synthetic approach.

The position is opened to a talented experimental physical‐chemist holding a PhD degree in chemistry of nanomaterials with a strong background in nanoparticle synthesis. Experience in electron microscopy is highly desirable. The work involves the synthesis of metallic nanoparticles and characterizations of their properties (electron microscopy, UV‐vis absorption and Raman spectroscopies …). The candidate is expected to be self‐driven and have good communication skills.
By joining our research group, you will benefit from broad interdisciplinary surrounding, all the facilities provided in ITODYS (X‐Ray diffraction, XPS, SEM, Raman, NMR, AFM‐STM…) and near‐by capabilities (HR‐TEM facility at MPQ).


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