Our scientific library

The Or-nano gold mine

This content is really a gold mine where you can dig into the knowledge accumulated by Or-Nano since its creation in 2006. It gathers all the scientific documents presented at the Or-nano meetings and in particular the pdf-based speaker’s material. More than 100 presentations were prepared by scientists and researchers to present their results or explain their approach. These pdf-documents are presented in chronological order.

Plenary conferences

  • 2017. 9th plenary lecture in June 12-14, in Nancy. “nanometric gold : fundamental studies and application for health and environment”2015. International conference Or-Nano, in March 23-24, in Paris.
  • 2013. 7th plenary lecture organized jointly with the GdR PMSE, in April 3-5, in Nantes.
  • 2012. 6th plenary lecture in March 19-21, in Poitiers. “Gold nanoparticles: from theory to applications”
  • 2011. 5th plenary lecture, in March 15-18, in Toulouse.
  • 2009. 4th plenary lecture organized jointly with the GdR Nano-alliages, in November 3-5, in Dijon.
  • 2008. 3th plenary lecture, in December 1-3, in Bordeaux.
  • 2007. 2nd plenary lecture, in December 3-4, in Lyon. “Electrochemistry, nanothermie, nanoelectronic and toxicity”
  • 2006. 1st plenary lecture, in November 27-28, in Lyon. “Synthesis, reactivity and characterization of gold nanoparticles; nanoparticles in biological media”.
  • 2005. Contributory conference for the GDR, 30 June to 1 July. “The nanoparticles : an interdisciplinary approach”

The Or-nano discussions / workshops

  • 2012 (Jan.14) in Paris. Gold Nanoparticles and Nano-electronic. Organized by Olivier Pluchery and Rachel Doherty
  • 2011 (Oct. 18) in Paris. Gold Nanoparticles and Biosensors. Organized by Souhir Boujday and Grégory Barbillon
  • 2010 (Oct. 27) in Paris. Catalyse by gold and Theoretical Chemistry. Organized by Catherine Louis and Hazar Guesmi

The Or-nano Summer schools

  • 2016. 2nd thematic school. June 20-24, in Cap d'Agde. “Nanometric gold: from electron to cell”
  • 2008. 1st thematic school, June 9-13 in Ile de Porquerolles.